Top Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are originally designed to connect people from all places and reach your family or friends at just a click of a button. You can share a photo of your latest dinner cruise in Amsterdam or a trip to the Amsterdam zoo. You can tell a story of your experience with a mobile device that you just bought in your tech blog. Or you can chat or video call someone from the other side of the world.

Because of the number of people who are using these social media platforms, it is quite natural for companies and brands to use the same platform to advertise their products and services to their customers.

What are the social media platforms that you can use to promote your brand?


This social media platform currently has more than a billion active users worldwide. You just see the potential of increasing your revenue by using this website to increase your mobile traffic. Facebook has a specific area where companies can work in. This is called Facebook Business. It will provide you with the latest tools that you can use to analyze your data and get a good grasp of the type of demographics that you are actually reaching out with your products.

You can also use Facebook ads to promote your business. You can specify the area where you want to sell, the demographics that you want to sell to, and the lifestyle that you will be engaging. You can spend a dollar and actually see your revenues rise using a premium link generator.

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You can create an account on Instagram to promote your business. Curate photos to make your company enticing for customers to go and to buy products from. You can also do sponsored posts to ensure that you are reaching the right customers and investing money on the buying demographics or just buy traffic website visitors and wait.

In Instagram, it is all about creating a nice photo for the viewers to click. You can get the attention of Instagram users by making these images as likable and as click-worthy as possible. Use appropriate hashtags to lead the people to your other social media sites or to your website.